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How much luggage can I take?

Strict weight restrictions apply on light aircraft flights due to their size.  The aircraft also have physical space restrictions so only soft / duffel-type bags are accepted (no hard rigid suitcases).  There will be specific weight and size limitations for baggage depending on which countries

Are there laundry facilities available on safari?

Yes, most camps and lodges offer laundry facilities, however this can sometimes be limited due to water restrictions.  Walking and canoeing trails generally don’t provide a laundry service.  We will identify where laundry will be available on your itinerary before your departure.

What type of clothes should I pack for my safari?

Travel in Africa and South America is generally casual unless you have included a formal city hotel in the itinerary.  Natural colours are recommended, particularly on safari and essential on walking trails in the bush. Bush hat T-shirt and long sleeve cotton shirt Shorts Long

What are essential items for a safari?

Binoculars – a pair per person (VERY IMPORTANT), sunglasses, lip balm, suncream, camera and charger, spare batteries, spare memory card, malaria prophylactics, personal medical kit, spare contact lenses, contact lens solution and glasses, a flashlight or headlamp, insect repellent.

Does AE book International and local flights?

We recommend you book your international flights from your home country however we are happy to book these for you if you prefer.  All your internal flights from the start to completion of your expedition will be arranged by AE.

Why choose to travel with Anderson Expeditions

To access some of the greatest wilderness spaces on the planet and experience a safari or expedition of a lifetime - smell the wild sage, watch the great migration cross the Mara river, scan the peaks for an Andean Condor or follow a ball-rolling