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Tailored Travel

Anderson Expeditions is a travel company arranging tailor-made, private safaris as well as specialist expeditions into Africa and South America.  We prefer not to pigeon hole our travel options as we pride ourselves on the careful design of each itinerary we create.  However, by way of explanation as to how we work, there are broadly 3 ways of travelling with Anderson Expeditions….

  • Guided safari – an Anderson Expeditions specialist guide with expert knowledge and experience, accompanies and leads your safari from start to finish
  • Independent safari – you travel independently and we connect you with the best destinations, experiences and local guides in each location
  • Expedition – these are remote wilderness adventures, always led by Anderson Expeditions specialist guides. They can be custom designed and booked or individuals/couples can join our small group set-date departures. For more on our expeditions, click here.
The perfect way to see out the African day...

We take enormous pride in counting the majority of our guests as repeat travellers with Anderson Expeditions. One of the key reasons for this, we believe, is a result of having developed a real understanding of our guests preferred travel style and preferences –their specific interests, lodges and camps they favour, and even the way they like their Gin and Tonics poured!

Obviously this is something that takes time to develop but we place a huge emphasis on gaining as much knowledge about our new guests as quickly as possible, enabling us to develop the perfect itinerary for every individual.

Drawing on our expertise and experiences we will design a tailored itinerary for you – best countries, regions, lodges, guides etc. – based on your unique requirements and interests.

A safari can be privately guided for the duration of the trip or you can choose to travel independently using our recommended local guides in each destination. Our remote wilderness expeditions are led by vastly experienced guides who are specialists in the regions you will journey through.