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Packing for your Safari

Guidelines to help you pack for your safari…

Following years of planning and guiding safaris, we at Anderson Expeditions know only too well how stressful packing for a safari can be.  The weight limits and bag size / capacity / type also add to the confusion and worry.  Fear not though, here are some broad guidelines that should see you safely through any safari…

What to pack
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In a 60 L or 90 L soft duffel bag, pack a total maximum of 15kgs / 33lbs* of the following items…

  • Bush hat (a broad-brimmed “cricket hat” is preferable for all round face / neck / ear protection)
  • T-shirts and long sleeve cotton shirts (cotton is by far the best material)
  • Shorts
  • Long trousers (the trousers that zip off into shorts are not a bad idea and can help you make the most of limited space)
  • Underwear and socks (again, cotton all the way)
  • Walking shoes (trainers are fine unless gorilla tracking, then something more substantial and waterproof is better.  Just be sure you have worn them in well in advance to travel – blisters don’t make for fun tracking)
  • Flip flops or light slip-on shoes (mostly for around the lodge)
  • Sweater / jersey
  • Jacket (fleece is good) – recommended for cold mornings
  • Swimming costume
  • Waterproof jacket if you are travelling in the rainy season
  • Personal toiletries, tissues and wet wipes (and small amount of washing powder can be useful for underwear)
  • If you wear contact lenses we recommend taking a pair of spectacles in case of eye irritation from dust
  • A good pair of sunglasses
  • A small backpack for use on walks and game drives
  • A “buff” or cotton scarf (great for those dusty roads)


Important things to consider…

** Layering is a great way to go in terms of your safari wardrobe.  Morning and evening game drives can get chilly, so be prepared for that.

** Packing shoes in a separate shoe bag really is a good idea as they can get very dusty and muck up your clean clothes.

** Pop in a good few ZipLoc bags too and some cable ties (amazing how often these come in handy)

** We suggest that the small backpack you bring along can also operate as your camera bag / carry on luggage  – that way you kill a good few birds with one stone.

** A soft duffel is essential for traveling on small planes due to luggage space restrictions in the hold

** 15 kgs / 33 lbs weight restriction is a good benchmark weight limit to target when packing.  In certain areas and for certain planes, a maximum of 12kgs is insisted upon.   Some destinations will allow up to 20kg’s, but please check with us before packing the extra 5kg’s.  *Anderson Expeditions will always inform you of the exact limits for your specific destination.

** Travel in Africa and South America is generally casual unless you have included a formal city hotel in your itinerary.  Neutral colours are recommended, particularly on safari and these are essential on walking trails in the bush.  Please avoid bright colours and whites will invariably return home a shade browner, so these are best avoided too.