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Anderson Expeditions has built up a network of the finest expert guides in Africa and South America. All are vastly experienced and knowledgeable, interpreting the intricacies of the natural world whilst on a safari and responding with sensitivity to the expectations and interests of our guests.

The daily logistics and planning whilst on expedition will be managed entirely by your private guide allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the experience of a lifetime.

Phill Steffny

Looking after people's expectations while on safari in Africa has always been in my blood. I spent my childhood on a game reserve in the vicinity of the Kruger National Park. Attending an outdoor-based school, and getting my first job as a river guide at the age of 15 gave me the responsibility of the safety kayaker on some of Africa's wildest rivers.

Lucien Beaumont

Lucien Beaumont was born and raised on a boutique wine farm, Beaumont Family Wines, in the Overberg region of South Africa’s Western Cape. From a young age, Lucien explored and travelled around Africa with his family on adventurous camping trips to remote parts such as...

James Hendry

James Hendry is a safari journeyman of note. An accomplished guide, author, musician and television personality, James and his unique sense of fun will add value to any and all safari expeditions

Fraser Gear

Fraser is an excellent naturalist, guide and explorer. He has spent the last 28 years leading wildlife, photographic and birding expeditions across the length and breadth of Africa, Madagascar, Middle East, Asia and into the neo-tropics. Fraser’s interests and skills are as diverse as his explorations.

Mark McKenzie

Mark loves Africa and has spent his entire life exploring its remotest corners. The Zululand bush in South Africa is where his childhood adventures played out and from there it has generally been a Northward migration through Southern, East and Central Africa whilst pursuing a professional safari guiding career spanning the last 20 years.

Simon Byron

Growing up on a farm in central Botswana, the son of an avid exploration geologist, Simon spent his childhood camping out and enjoying nature as his playground. Numerous family holidays to the Okavango Delta and many other wild places in Southern Africa engrained in him a passion for wild and remote places.

Carolina Mantella

Based in Argentina, Carolina Mantella has been involved in Polar adventures for 9 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company. With degrees in hospitality and tourism management, Caro works her magic with clients on a one-to-one basis to ensure that all their South American and Antarctic travelling is as memorable and comfortable as possible!

Simon Stobbs

In 1995, Simon completed a post-graduate degree in Psychology. He then joined an IT company in Johannesburg where he worked as a Human Resources Manager. After 2 years in this role, he decided it was time to follow his true passion in life and he became a game ranger at Sabi Sabi.

Richard Anderson

As an eight-year-old boy visiting the Kruger Park with his family Richard had the fortune of a near-death experience involving a lilac breasted roller, a pride of lions feasting on a giraffe, two very angry black rhino bulls and a game ranger recovering from a triple bypass. A life exploring the wonders of Africa was, thereafter, inevitable.

Ghislain Bouassa

Ghislain was amongst the first professional guides to be trained soon after the creation of Gabon’s National Parks in 2002. Now, with nearly 20 years’ experience, he is a professional and committed guide passionate about his country’s nature and leading his clients to the beautiful...