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Wilderness wellness – an intentional safari

Wilderness wellness – an intentional safari

One of the skilled private guides we associate with, Amy Attenborough, offers a unique blend of wilderness and wellness and she explains her offering here…

“Today, more and more people are feeling the need to escape the craziness of the modern world and to retreat to the wilderness in an effort to reconnect with themselves.  For centuries, the African bushveld has been a favoured destination of those seeking stillness, peace, magical moments and a connection with nature.  Now it is possible to focus one’s intention during your time in the wild and delve deeper into you overall wellness, creating a trip with purpose.  I am expanding the traditional scope of a safari, offering guests the opportunity to incorporate private yoga, guided meditations and life coaching into the safari experience.

The ancient practice of yoga blends seamlessly with our innate understanding that we form a part of nature.  There is a reason why yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and why, since time immemorial, people have retreated to nature for solitude and reconnection.  Now we bring these two together.  The practice of yoga has exploded in the west as more and more people feel the desire to seek a deeper connection, to know themselves more fully, and to move consciously.  There is nowhere better to explore this than in the heart of nature whilst on safari in Africa.

Imagine taking your yoga practice to the banks of a river where your drishti point is a heard of elephants feeding below you or exploring tree pose beneath ancient Leadwood and Jackalberry trees.  Even before setting off on safari in the morning you can expand your awareness in a guided mediation as a chorus of birds welcome the rising sun around you and lions call in the distance. Through coaching you can begin to embody the peace and presence of the animals you witness on safari in real ways so that the joy of your holiday never leaves your bones.

It is an experience that can truly nourish and heal your mind, body and soul.

While you give back to the African landscape and its wild creatures, you give back to yourself too. There is no better place to reconnect with your own true nature than in the wilderness.”