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Lake Tanganyika – the evolution of an expedition…

Sandra on Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika – the evolution of an expedition…

Anderson Expeditions team member and Tanzania expert Sandra, who built this wonderful Tanganyika Expedition, unpacks the evolution of this offering here…

“I really loved putting this expedition together. It brought back so many incredible memories of our years living and exploring in Tanzania. We were developing and opening new camps in the magnificent Selous Game reserve and Ruaha National Park. We had planned to explore as much of the region as possible and came prepared! We could live out of our trusty hilux indefinitely and had a pair of awesome expedition kayaks strapped to the roof. I feel immensely privileged to have experienced so much in this wonderful country.

Along with unforgettable memories from the world-renowned northern circuit and our detailed exploration of Ruaha and Selous in the south, we spent a lot of time exploring the seldom seen wild corners of Tanzania. We kayaked the incredible coast at Kilwa, birded the misty mountains at Amani, snorkeled and dived off Pemba and Mafia islands and generally had a fantastic time.

Our expedition to Lake Tanganyika however really stood out for me. From the moment we first pushed our kayaks out onto the lovely cool, fresh, and clear water we were in another world. Osprey and fish eagles patrolled the skies above whilst dashing shoals of colourful cichlids teemed just below the surface. We camped on tiny inaccessible beaches flanked by towering granite cliffs, swam with otters and cormorants, drank the water straight from the lake and rested in the shade of gigantic boulders when the sun became fierce and the afternoon winds pushed white horses into the bay. We spent a full ten nights in this paradise and wished for more.”

Fraser, Sandra’s partner on her personal adventure will be your guide on this incredible expedition – there are few people better placed to unlock the magic of Tanganyika.