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Launching – Niassa and Angola

Launching – Niassa and Angola

Launching – Niassa and Angola

The success of our annual expedition to Zakouma National Park in Chad has created dialogue with our clients around their desire for active adventure in remote wilderness areas, where they can learn more from the custodians on the ground whilst making direct contributions to the conservation of these areas.

In addition to Zakouma this year we will be embarking on our first expedition into the Sahara desert in northern Chad, crossing the Ennedi plateau (Ennedi, like Zakouma, is now under the long-term management of African Parks), towards the series of freshwater desert lakes known as Ounianga.

In line with these we’ve decided to introduce more expeditions of this nature – taking our guests where few have been before on adventures into wilderness areas whilst supporting local conservation efforts.

We are extremely excited to introduce you to our Niassa and Angola Expeditions launching this year. Both are into unchartered territory, led by the finest African safari guides in the business. See more details on these exciting expeditions in this months newsletter.

Niassa Expedition

The vast Niassa Reserve in Northern Mozambique covers a staggering 42 000km2 and is incredibly important to Africa’s conservation efforts. The reserve is home to significant populations of lion, elephant and African wild dog. Scenically spectacular, incredibly remote and home to a phenomenal conservation initiative – Niassa Carnivore Project – this expedition promises unsurpassed wilderness experiences, adventure and immersion in nature.

Dates: 3rd to 10th July 2019

See the itinerary here

Angola Expedition

A pioneering expedition to the Cuito River region in southeastern Angola. Explore the remote Cuito River system by helicopter and boat on this first of its kind expedition, opening the way for tourism into one of Africa’s last wilderness frontiers.

Dates: 4th to 12th May 2019

See the itinerary here

Look out for our next Conservation-Adventure-Wilderness expedition being launched in the next few months. Given we’re starting the year in the desert it may be a good idea to finish it off in the rainforest.