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Top 5 safari destinations

South Luangwa Sleepout

Top 5 safari destinations

From the team’s explorations of Africa, we put our heads together and have chosen our top 5 safari destinations that we would be hurrying back to given half a chance.  Here are our Top 5 safari destinations…
  1. Kenya

The stalwart of the East African safari circuit…

Kenya – the stalwart of the safari circuit remains a superb introductory destination to the world of safari, with the country equally offering so much more than just the well-trodden Maasai Mara in the south.  One can easily combine a trip to the hugely productive Maasai Mara with explorations of the more arid but equally fascinating North as well as the culturally vibrant and stunning coastal region too.  A trip here pivots seamlessly on the capital city of Nairobi, filled with great hotel options and equally wonderful cultural and wildlife experiences.

  1. South Africa

Emerging from the shadows…

A safari destination that has been somewhat over-shadowed by the oft more favored East African circuit, South African safari offerings are now firmly positioned as some of Africa’s best, both from a game viewing and accommodation perspective.  The lodges and camps are very easily accessed from the major hubs of Cape Town and Johannesburg, with Cape Town in particular offering so much as an “add on” tourist destination.  The Kruger National Park and surrounds remains the focus, with other less traditional safari destinations such at Northern Zululand, the Eastern Cape and the Kalahari equally gaining traction.

  1. Namibia

Vistas for days – the ideal escape into nothingness…

The vast Southwest African country of Namibia, home to the planet’s oldest desert – the Namib, is the ideal place to disconnect from the day-to-day and immerse oneself in nothingness.  Exquisite scenery, endless vistas and fascinating desert-adapted wildlife make for an incredible and different safari experience.  The more adventurous can explore adrenaline spiking activities like skydiving, quad biking and sand boarding, whilst a gentle hot air balloon ride over the Sossusvlei dunes is an unforgettable experience.

  1. Zambia

Where variety and value meet…

Be it fishing for the elusive and combative Tiger Fish on the broad, languid Zambezi River, discovering the fascinating lion pride dynamics of the Kafue or marveling at the beauty of a lounging leopard in the South Luangwa, Zambia offers the safari-goer so much to enjoy.  Not forgetting the town of Livingstone and the wonder that is the Victoria Falls.  The falls can be viewed in a day from both the Zambian and Zimbabwean side.  Zambia is a dead cert for top five status in our book, offering great diversity and value too.

  1. Rwanda

A revival that knows no bounds…

Building from a torrid and horrendous past, the Rwanda of today is nothing short of a miracle – a fascinating country that epitomizes rejuvenation and revival.   Primates head the list of attractions here, with healthy and well habituated families of Mountain Gorilla to be seen in the well protected Virunga’s.  One can also plan to see Golden Monkey here, and Chimpanzees in Gishwati and Nyungwe, whilst completing a superb safari in the revitalized Akagera National Park.  Akagera, under the stewardship of African Parks, has restocked several key species and is a safari destination that needs to be explored.  The fascinating capital city of Kigali seamlessly blends the modern with the traditional and is the ideal starting point for your Rwandan journey.