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A view of Alphonse from above

Top Adventure Destinations

With our guides having blazed trails over the last few years, leading pioneering trips to exciting destinations to the likes of Gabon and Ethiopia, we asked them to apply their minds to what they thought represents the immediate future of adventure travel.

  1. Gabon

Anderson Expeditions pioneers expeditions to Gabon…

This west African country is an absolute gem and is best expertly unlocked by one of our expedition guides on our pioneering expeditions.  Gabon remains a largely under-explored destination with less than 100 000 tourists a year and now is the time to be an adventurer here.  Expect wild, raw and unchartered experiences that will leave you spellbound.  Expect hippos frolicking in the surf, forest elephant and a blank script ready for you to write your story on.

  1. Alphonse Island, Seychelles

A watery wilderness that showcases the ocean safari…

The Alphonse atoll group is considered one of the most pristine, untouched wilderness areas of the world – a real nature lover’s paradise.  Alphonse Island one island in a threesome of islands in the heart of the Indian Ocean, part of the Seychelles outer island group.  A fabulous climate combines with miles of unblemished shoreline, crystal clear lagoons and sea flats to deliver a real Eden-type destination.  A fisherman’s dream, with incredible diving and other wild, open water experiences make this an adventure-seeker’s paradise.

  1. Madagascar

A traditional expedition of adventure with unrivalled biodiversity…

Fabled avenues of Baobab trees and wonderfully biodiverse wilderness combine with open water kayaking along unspoiled coral reefs and mangrove swamp adventuring in this island nation.  Home to fascinating lemurs, chameleons, wonderful birdlife, and incredible endemism – you really will see things seen nowhere else on earth here.   With Sandra having previously established a lodge in the North East of the island we have the insider scoop on how to experience the best of this destination.

  1. Niassa Mozambique

Have a piece of untamed Africa all to yourself…

After a few tumultuous years that set conservation and community initiatives back considerably in Northern Mozambique, an extended time of calm has revitalized superb projects like the Niassa Carnivore Project, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of offering incredible guided adventures into the Niassa wilderness.  With exceptional access to remote fly camping, expansive rivers to kayak on and vast swathes of wild Mozambique to explore, this region delivers old school expedition adventure.

  1. Ethiopia

Where ancient and enthralling cultures meet the rarest of wildlife…

Culturally significant and unique, Ethiopia offers authentic insights into an Africa of old.  As equally fascinating as the people and their cultures, Ethiopia is also home to some of the rarest wildlife on the planet.  The Ethiopian Wolf in the Bale Mountains is one such highlight as are the outrageous looking Gelada monkeys.  For unique, life changing and enlightening journeys, Ethiopia will enthral.