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A private guide par excellence…

A private guide par excellence…

Lucien Beaumont is one of our most prolific private guides and we took a moment to find out a little more about what makes him tick.  Here are Lucien’s responses to some questions we posed…

Q: What is your favourite safari destination?

A: Busanga Plains in Kafue, Zambia – it is wild, remote and completely uncrowded – 3 critical components to an awesome safari.

Q: What is that one animal that has eluded you thus far?

A: The Black Footed Cat.  I’m hopeful that return visits to Tswalu in the Kalahari will break this duck.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: The best part of my job is the privilege of being able to share incredible experiences in Africa with my guests.  Getting to see new areas and fascinating wildlife throughout Africa, with no one day the same.  There is always something new to see and learn.

Q: What is the hardest part of your job?

A: That is an easy one to answer – the hardest part is being away from my family for long periods of time.

Q: Where do you hope to visit soon?

A: Zakouma National Park in Chad, and Angola.  I am looking forward to seeing Angola’s national parks returned to their former glory soon.

Q: What advice might you offer for those guests considering traveling with a private guide?

A: The private guide creates continuity throughout the trip and manages all the logistics, leaving you free to enjoy the safari without that worry – making it a very stress-free way to travel.  The guide has done it all before and thus knows the in’s and out’s of traveling through remote parts of Africa – not always the easiest place to navigate.  It is always reassuring to have a familiar face you can trust looking after you and your families well being at all times.  Private guides will also be in a position to share a wealth of information from a wide array of travel experience that many of the local guides might not interpret in such detail and also work well in unison with the local guides – always enhancing your chances of having the best game viewing experience.  Many of the private guides are also in a position to help you with your wildlife photography, interpreting the behaviour of the animals to ensure that you have a better chance of getting that perfect shot.

Q: What advice can you offer the first time safari goer?

A: Take it slow – don’t take a photo of the first animal you see – rather let the sights, sounds and smells sink in first.  Take it slow on safari too, stop for the small things like birds, tracks and trees.  You will be amazed at how often a stop for the smaller things will reveal something big!  Be present – the African bush is the ultimate place to live in the moment.  Constantly remind yourself that the joy of safari lies not in ticking off animals on a list, but rather in observing the behaviour and interactions of the wildlife.

As with all of our private guides, Lucien can be requested to accompany you on your safari.  Please simply let us know should you wish to have him guide you.